Choose and Cruise: Hit the High Seas on a Dream Theme

The best way to relax, enjoy the sea and sunshine and visit different places on one holiday is to hop aboard a cruise. There are many themed options available, from a chocolate haven to a fitness festival – in fact, there seems to be something for everyone’s taste. Here are some of the most interesting ones available.
For the Chocolate Lovers

If you dreamt of one day visiting a world made of sugary cocoa when you were a child, you can now make it all come true. This holiday is all about savouring the many uses of chocolate. On board, you can take chocolate cooking lessons, get pampered in a confectionary spa, have a warming cocoa cocktail or hot drink and even enjoy fountains of the sweet at lunches and dinners.

Murder Mystery

Instead of huddling up with a bestselling murder novel, participate in a thrilling adventure yourself. On board this mysterious ship you will have the opportunity to looks for clues at the various ports, as well as the chance to receive writing guidance if you want to craft a mystery book yourself.

Clothing Optional

This is almost like going back to the times of Adam and Eve… before they ate that doomed apple. If you’re a naturist, hop aboard a ship where you can boldly bare it all. Understandably, these cruises are only for adults and tend to sail through the Caribbean or other warm weather places. It’s important to note that in certain areas you may be expected to wear clothing, such as the ports of call and the main dining room.

Food and Drink

What’s better than a holiday travelling the world and catering to your palate? A culinary-centric cruise allows you to savour foods and drinks from around the globe, with menus that showcase local delicacies. From cooking demos to learning about various culinary cultures, it’s a treat for anyone who loves the flavours and tastes of an excellent meal.

Health and Wellness

A Zumba Cruise from Miami is a guilt-free way to enjoy your getaway (you won’t have to worry about gaining those holiday pounds). You’ll spend your days dancing to a variety of Zumba types such as beginner, advanced, outdoors, indoors, under starlight, in the water and toning. This is the ideal way to stay fit while you enjoy the serenity of the sea.

Before You Go

Make sure you’ve purchased comprehensive cruise holiday insurance before you set off. Since this getaway involves activities both on land and sea, it’s important to ensure the policy you invest in covers both.

The best part about choosing this way to spend your vacation is that it is hassle-free. Once you’ve reserved your tickets and bought cruise holiday insurance, all you need to do is put on your sunglasses and get ready for a journey you’ll never forget.

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Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of InsureMore, an award-winning team of specialists in global single trip, family, annual and cruise holiday insurance policies. No matter where in the world you’re travelling and how long you’re going for, InsureMore’s comprehensive policies will keep you covered.